Young Adults Ministry













 Who: Young Adults Study (for just out of high school to early family and early career age)


 When: First Friday of each month at 7pm.


 Where: Lark & Tristan Gwartney’s House

                  7744 Jayhawk Drive

                  Jurupa Valley, CA 92509


 **Please text Lark for gate code: 619.647.3687


 Why: To answer questions for this transitional season of life from a biblical perspective.


 Who Are We?

 This is a Christ centered group of young adults who want to do life together. In a time when Pinterest has turned

 up the level of expectation to perfection, Facebook brings the appearance that everyone's lives are perfect and

 American individualism tells you we all have to "pull ourselves up by the boot straps," we want you to know you

 are not alone. We all have struggles, heart aches, goals, dreams, achievements and disappointments. This group is

 about being real and transparent wherever you are in your journey. Every joy you share doubles your joy and every

 grief you share is half the grief. We meet the first Friday of each month at 7 pm (unless there is a conflict then we

 push it back a week), food and child care are provided for free and there is a short Bible study (verse by verse) each

 time we meet. **Young Adults: Just out of high school, College, young professional, young parents, married, single,

 up to 35 yrs old.


  Topics for discussion:

 . Who am I?

 . What is my purpose?

 . Will school ever end? When can I stop


 . Does a full nights sleep actually exist?

 . Graduation....What next?

 . Is dating okay?

 . How to balance work, school, church,

   family, personal health and fitness.


 Food: Ummmm Yes!... Food for the body as

             well as food for the soul.


 RSVP: To RSVP or for details and posting about

 upcoming meet ups please visit this link:



 Questions: Ask Lark and Tristan Gwartney















We are current studying the book of Job. We believe that most of the questions that you may have will be answered by studying the life of a man who dedicated his life to pleasing God.

Calvary Chapel Ontario: 1957 S. Vineyard Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761 Tel: (909)673-9596